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Featured Products

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  • OH

    Opaque Film

    Opaque Film

    White Highly Cavitated, One Side Sealable, One Side Treated BOPP FilmSee +

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  • PDH-TT

    Perla Film DH-TT

    Perla Film DH-TT

    White-Cavitated, One Side Matte, One Side Gloss, Two Side Treated BOPP Film (Sintetic Paper)See +

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  • SCHx-N

    Seal Film CHx-N

    Seal Film CHx-N

    One Side Sealable, One Side None Sealable, Hot Slip, Untreated BOPP FilmSee +

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  • RHV

    Thermal Film

    Thermal Film

    Biorented Polypropylene Film for Thermal LaminatingSee +

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  • Acquisition of Sigdopack in Chile and Argentina

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  • Inauguration of new 6.2m CPP Brueckner line

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We started operating as Bopp del Ecuador S.A. in 1991.

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