Successful Start-up of the New BOPET Line

We announce the successful start-up of our second bioriented polyester film (BOPET) line at our Opp Film Peru plant.

This new Brueckner production line, 8.8 meters wide and with a production capacity of 35,000 MT/year, has the particular characteristic of allowing us to produce special bioriented polyester films with double chemical treatment and ABC-type co-extrusions, with which we further expand our film portfolio.

With this expansion in the production capacity of BOPET to 70,000 MT/year, Oben Holding Group reaches a total capacity of more than 430,000 MT/year between BOPP, CPP, BOPET, BOPA, Extrusion Coated Products and Thermoformed Products, at the service of Your clients.

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