New Metallizer Allows us the Highest Productivity in the World

Always at the forefront of technology, Oben Holding Group has made effective the acquisition of a new Bobst-General metallizing machine, the largest in Latin America, located at the headquarters in Lima, Peru.

The new machine has a speed of 1,000 m/min, input rolls of five net tons of film and the ability to metallize up to a maximum width of 4,450 mm. Such characteristics will allow OPP Film Peru to achieve a productivity never seen before in a metallizing process, thus reinforcing its leadership in the region.

The investment made by the group goes hand in hand with high integrated efficiency, the width of this new metallizing machine perfectly complements those of our 2 Bruckner BOPP lines, both 8800mm. The result is the generation of very high levels of performance, which will allow OPP Film Peru to provide its clients with an optimal portfolio of transparent and metallized films.

OPP Film Perú currently processes all the products in its portfolio in the different metallizers, also having metallized CPP, BOPET and BOPA films, with thicknesses from 12µ to 50µ.

With the acquisition of this fourth metallizing line for Peru, OPP Film’s capacity would increase by 15,000 tons/year. It will also be the group’s ninth metallized film line, with which the Oben Holding Group would reach a total metallized film capacity of 50,000 tons per year.

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