First Technical Seminar in Argentina

Continuous Improvement and New Developments

OPP Film Argentina and Oben Holding Group held the First Technical Seminar for clients, on July 12 at the Intersur Recoleta Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The purpose of this seminar was to show the guests the wide range of products that our Group has today and its multiple applications, providing valuable information on our films aimed at continuous improvement, new developments and their application in various markets around the world.

The event was attended by the main executives of Oben Group, who welcomed the guests: Alfredo Barreda, Corporate Vice President and Commercial Director; Erik Sosa, Technical Director and Esteban Galarza, General Manager of Opp Film Argentina. The presentations were in charge of Erik Sosa; Gabriela Muller, Head of Development and Technical Support at Opp Film Argentina; Said Odeh, CPP Product Manager; Omar González, BOPET Product Manager; César Peña, Manufacturing Manager of Opp Film Chile; and Víctor Zegarra, Coating Product Manager.

Thanks to the great reception and recognition given by our clients, this technical-commercial event will be replicated in other countries where we have a direct presence.

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