First Continuous Improvement Fair at OPP Film Peru

Characterized by the search for excellence and the continuous improvement of its processes, Oben Holding Group held the First Continuous Improvement Fair at Opp Film Peru in order to publicize the main solutions implemented in 43 projects carried out in the last year. The event exhibited in a didactic way the problems of different production processes, which allowed all the OPP Film staff to know the technical solutions, from the simplest to the most complex.

The Continuous Improvement Fair seeks to promote innovation and commitment of all employees to find opportunities for improvement in any day-to-day circumstance. The projects have an impact on greater productivity, quality and cost efficiency, and the participants receive recognition from the entire company. The results and impact on the organization were very positive, which is why it will begin to be carried out annually. It is also being evaluated to implement it in all Oben Group headquarters.

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