Foundation Stone of the New OPP Film El Salvador Plant

Positioning itself as the first plant of its kind in the entire region, on October 14, 2014, the first stone was laid for OPP Film’s polypropylene film production plant in El Salvador. The plant will aim to supply the entire Central American and Caribbean market. OPP Film El Salvador, an Oben Holding Group company, will thus become a benchmark in the Salvadoran industry by using German and English technology with high standards for environmental care. The estimated investment for the installation of this first BOPP line is approximately USD 55 million.

The act was chaired by the Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Oscar Ortíz, accompanied by the CEO of the Oben Group, Mr. Jamil Zaidan, the Ambassador of Peru in El Salvador, Mr. Eric Anderson, and Mr. William Granadino, with the position of President of PROESA at that time.

Eng. Armando Ruíz, Project Manager in El Salvador, stated that the businessmen chose to develop this investment project in El Salvador due to the great competitive advantages that the country has: qualified labor, low logistics costs, the strategic position to reach to large markets, as well as its dollarized economy.

It is expected that in the short term the investment that OPP Film will make in El Salvador will expand and start a second production line to meet the demand of Mexico and the United States. For this second phase, an additional investment of USD 45 million is calculated. This project will become a multiplying effect for the growth of the plastics sector industry in El Salvador, Central America and the Caribbean.

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