Technical Seminar in Central America

Following the start-up of our new plant to serve the Central American region, OPP Film El Salvador and Oben Holding Group held the First Technical Seminar for Central America on October 7 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Salvador.

The purpose of the event was to share information of interest about our extensive range of products aimed at various applications, the development of new markets and continuous improvement.

The seminar was attended by the directors of the Oben Group: Alfredo Barreda, Corporate Vice President and Commercial Director; Erik Sosa, Technical Director; and Luis Miguel Garzón, General Manager of OPP Film Chile. The agenda was developed with presentations by Erik Sosa; Adriana Trujillo, Technical Chief of OPP Film El Salvador; Said Odeh, Gte. CPP Business Unit; Omar González, Gte. BOPET Business Unit; Cesar Pena, Gte. of Manufacturing of Opp Film Chile; and Victor Zegarra, Gte. Commercial of Coated Products. And it ended with a general round of questions in which the exhibitors resolved doubts of the event participants.

Oben Holding Group thanks all the seminar attendees and renews its commitment to continue providing information of interest to its clients and the general public.

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