Technical Seminars in Brazil

The last week of November we successfully held the round of Technical Seminars for Oben Holding Group clients in Brazil, where we shared technical-commercial information on our product portfolio, their uses in various applications, and new developments present in other markets.

Film Trading Brasil and Oben Holding Group held the First Technical Seminar in Sao Paulo on November 23 at the Meliá de Ibirapuera Hotel. Next, on November 25, and jointly with the Soléflex Group, distributor of our films, the Second Technical Seminar for clients in southern Brazil was held at the Pitz Business Complex.

The events were attended by the main executives of the Oben Group: Alfredo Barreda, Corporate Vice President and Commercial Director; Erik Sosa, Technical Director; from Film Trading Brazil: Fabian Uribe, General Manager; from Soléflex Group: Leonildes Pitz, President and Patricia Garbin, Commercial Director of Soléfilmes; and the team of exhibitors who developed the presentations of the event.

In this way, Oben Holding Group closes the First Cycle of Technical Seminars with the commitment to continue with them next year in the rest of the countries where it is present and where we will continue to provide technical-commercial knowledge about our films with topics of interest and news. aimed at customers and the general public.

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