Double Certification for Opp Film Peru

Authorized Economic Operator Certification (AEO)

Opp Film Perú, a subsidiary of Oben Holding Group, achieved double certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (OEA) in Import and Export processes, granted by the National Superintendence of Tax Administration (SUNAT). The AEO certification is obtained by complying with high foreign trade security standards, as well as the customs and legal requirements required by current regulations. To date, there are a total of 67 certified operators nationwide, but only nine have double certification as Opp Film Peru.

This double OEA certification brings with it the following benefits:

  • Security guarantee in our foreign trade operations.
  • Prioritization in customs procedures.
  • Benefits with customs of other countries, through the Mutual Recognition Agreements that are signed.
  • International recognition in our trade relations with other countries that make up the OAS.

Oben Holding Group thanks the commitment of the OEA Committee and all the collaborators who made this certification possible, which will allow us to transfer the benefits obtained to our clients to strengthen our services and delivery times.

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